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How To Choose Kitchen Faucets For Your Home – A 3 Step Guide

A good looking kitchen faucet brings up more elegance to the room than any other piece of equipment. Kitchen faucets not only give a theme to the kitchen but are also one of the most used pieces of equipment. Either it is the family, guests, or visitors, kitchen faucets are sure to get a hand from everyone.

With a very significant role to play, the faucet you choose in the kitchen needs to be reliable, look attractive, and be durable. This is why we add all the elements to our kitchen faucets.

If you’re furnishing up a new place or replacing an old setup, our kitchen faucets will be the go-to for your needs.

To help you make the best decision, we will inform you about all kitchen faucets that you should consider and a helpful guide for choosing between them.

3 Steps For Making A Well Informed Decision Of Buying The Right Kitchen Faucet

To make the right decision in buying a kitchen faucet you need to summarize your needs and filter out hundreds of faucets available in the market to a single one.

This is extremely hard by scrolling through a catalogue, which is why we’ve created the perfect 3 step guide for you to enable you to easily choose the right kitchen faucet for you.

Step# 1: Do you need a Pull Out, Pull Down, or Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet?

Step# 2: Do you require your faucet to be technological i.e. touchless or smart touch options?

Step# 3: Bronze vs. Brass vs. Chrome vs. Nickel.

Once you’re done with all steps, you should reach out to a single kitchen faucet that fulfils all your needs.

Then let’s not wait anymore and start the process with Step 1.

Step#1: The Big 3 Kitchen Faucet Designs

The Big 3 refer to the top sellers of kitchen faucets. These were picked for a position after hundreds of customer reviews and ample buying indicating that people have fallen in love with them.

Instead of scrolling through hundreds of different designs, first, make a choice between the big 3 broad categories of the faucets.

Once you know which one you’re looking for, you can narrow down its products and choose the right kitchen faucet for you.

Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

Pull Down Kitchen Faucets are probably one of the most popular kitchen faucets in households. These are specially designed with an upside-down ‘U’ shape to make them more compact while ensuring a good water flow.

Pull down faucets have a sprayer externally attached to the main valve that can be simply ‘pulled down’. For normal use, the faucet will look and work just like a regular faucet but if you wish for more mobility to spray and don’t just want the water running straight down in the sink, you can pull the sprayer out and easily use the sprayer around the sink.

These are known to be extremely kitchen-friendly. Pull down kitchen faucets can fit into any space and not look like they were forced into a small kitchen. Plus, they allow more space for the user.

Pull down kitchen faucets typically have handles at the side of the faucet. The detachable sprayer may have another handle on top of it.

Our variety of pull down kitchen faucets features Bronze, Brass, Chrome and Nickel finishes. Each type includes various designs that you can choose from. All designs are made with premium material that ensures they don’t break down, rust, or cause you any problems in the kitchen.

Pull Out Kitchen Faucets

Pull Out Kitchen Faucets are a new kind of faucets that are designed to be more useful for small spaces. If you’re looking for a kitchen faucet for a small kitchen, these are your best option.

Unlike pull down faucets, pull out faucets have a short neck and are directly erect over a sink. The outer part is detachable and can be used as a sprayer for better mobility, similar to pull down kitchen faucets.

The key feature of a pull out kitchen faucet is its short size. While still pulling off a classic look in bronze, brass, chrome, and nickel finishes, these faucets can fit into any kitchen and never look forced in a small space.

Plus, unlike traditional small faucets that were designed with a similar goal, pull out kitchen faucets don’t limit their mobility due to a smaller size. The detachable sprayer can be rotated all the way around 360 degrees which covers your entire sink, as big as it may be.

Pull out kitchen faucets typically have handles on top of them, providing more space besides the kitchen sink. Detachable parts may also have a push-down handle on top of them for better accessibility.

Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets

Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets are the classiest type of faucets you could choose.

Unlike most faucets, these wall mounts are mounted outward on the wall of the sink. Their handles are attached beside them.

This provides more space around the kitchen sink itself and also brings a very eye-catching innovative look to the kitchen. From afar, it almost looks like the wall mount kitchen faucet is hovering above the sink.

Wall mount faucets give you a wide range of designs to choose from. These include pull-down design, pull out design, hook shaped, and round shaped.

Wall Mount kitchen faucets are the perfect choice for setting up a new house or renovating a place to look great. They look elegant and classy and are the most diverse kind of kitchen faucets with many designs available to choose from.

Wall mount kitchen faucets are also available in different finishes of bronze, brass, nickel and chrome.

Step# 2: Innovative and Modern Faucets

Another thing you should know before buying a faucet in 2021 is the modern technological improvements in kitchen faucets.

Over time, faucets have had a revolution of their own. Their use could be traced back to 1700 B.C., but more recently faucets have had a transition change in their looks and usage.

Faucets are now demanded more for an elegant look rather than a classic one. They’re preferred to look sleek with proper finishing. Plus, steel faucets have completely replaced the old plastic faucets that people used.

The most modern improvements in technology refer to touchless faucets and smart touch faucets.

These work with sensors reading hand movements and automatically turning themselves on when needed. This reduced water wastage and increased sanitation.

Considering the change in kitchen faucets, we keep our catalogue for kitchen faucets up to date with the worldwide trends. We feature the most modern additions in the world of faucets and provide them to you at affordable prices.

Step #3: Bronze, Brass, Nickel and Chrome Faucets

The last step in the guide is to choose your preferred faucet finish.

Faucet finishes vary from Brass, Bronze, Nickel, and Chrome. There is no finish better than the other. Each has its own qualities that make it stand out.

Here is a summary of what each finish type is:

Brass Faucets: Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc. Brass faucets are the go-to for keeping your purchase under budget. A polished brass finish gives off a gold look that looks royal and is also a very low maintenance metal.

Bronze Faucets: Bronze faucets are created with dark chemical metals that give it a dark look. This finish is preferred for kitchens with a dark theme.

Bronze faucets go great with dark coloured cabinets and radiate an overall classy look!

Nickel Faucets: Nickel is an additional finish to faucets that either gives them a brushed look or a polished one. Nickel faucets are mostly preferred when going for a dark theme that is hard to find in brass and bronze finishes.

Chrome Faucets: Like nickel, chrome is made of brass and steel. Chrome faucets are the most popular finish in kitchen faucets. They are durable, have an extremely clean look, and can blend in with a theme very easily.

(Step#4): Buy From Us

Now that you’ve filtered your choice through the steps, you should have reached to a conclusion with the right kitchen faucet for you.

Now the last step is to find a good retailer that offers all your desired options with assured quality. Well, don’t worry about that. We’ve got you!

Visit our kitchen faucets catalogue and find a wide range of versatile options of kitchen faucets to choose from. The catalogue categories are based on their design type. Each kitchen faucet is described thoroughly with proper descriptions including finish, design, dimensions, etc.

For better visualization, kitchen faucets with pictures are clearly shown in the catalogue.

If you want to buy a kitchen faucet online, simply add the desired faucet to the cart and make a faucet purchase online.