Kitchen Faucets, Kitchen Faucet Leak Repair

How to fix a leak under a kitchen sink…Part 1 How to fix a leak under a kitchen sink (Part 1) is easy…when you know how. You will
never know where the leak is, under the kitchen sink, if you don’t get down there & check it out for yourself. Get
your flashlight & see if you can’t locate the water leak under the kitchen sink. It might be something easy you can
fix yourself. You really want to pay a plumbing service tech to come out & charge you $95 to $125 labor to locate
an easy leak to repair? Then you’re going to say, man Icould’ve done that & saved the money….errgggg! Joe doesn’t
want you to say that! Watch this short instructional 2 part howto video & see what “joe” does to fix a leak under
a kitchen sink.