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how to fix Low or No water pressure for the kitchen or bathroom faucet in no time

How to fix Low or No water pressure for the kitchen or bathroom faucet in no time!
Do you have low water pressure in your bathroom or kitchen sink? Or you might have no water coming out of the faucet at all.
Today I will show you how to fix it.
And if you follow my steps I will guarantee that your problem is going to be resolved in a matter no time.
The steps to resolve the issue are simple but you need to follow my steps and please don’t skip any.
I have had low water pressure issue with my kitchen tap for the past couple of days and it created me the opportunity to film it while fixing it.
Remember that the process is all the same for different types of both kitchen and bathroom faucets.
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This is the kitchen tap that we are dealing with. And as you can see the water pressure in this faucet is very low. In your case there might be no water coming out at all, or you might have problem only with cold or hot water.
But remember that the process of troubleshooting and fixing is all the same and all you need is to follow my steps.
First you need to check other taps and make sure that the problem is not for the entire house.
Let’s check one of the faucets in the bathroom to make sure.
Here I’m in the bathroom, I’m turning the tap on and as you can see the water pressure is just fine and now I’m %100 sure that there is something wrong with the kitchen faucet.
Let’s go back to the kitchen.
Here in the kitchen we need to troubleshoot and find the source of the problem, and to do so, we need to start at the lowest point and check everything one by one.
This is called a shut off valve, hot supply line is always on the left and cold is on the right side.
You need to turn the valve off, disconnect the braided hose feeding the faucet and slightly open the valve and see if you are getting enough pressure. And here I have enough pressure for hot water and then I’m going to test the cold line. As you can see I have enough pressure in both hot and cold lines which means that the valves are just fine.
I connect both braided hoses back to proceed to the next step.
Now the next step for me is to check the faucet aerator and see if there is any blockage.
Let me open the aerator. There we go, I see some materials are blocking the aerator of the tap.
I have removed all the material build ups and let’s test the flow now.
As you can see my problem is resolved. And I can stop right here, but let me show you where else the problem could be!
Down here we have the shut off valves and the problem could be here, after the valve we have the supply hoses which could cause the problem, and then after the braided hoses we have the cartridge inside the faucet which had the potential to be problematic. So you need to test each of these mentioned parts one by one until you find where the problem is.
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This video shows you how to do kitchen sink low water pressure fix without any special tools, if you want to learn how to fix low water pressure in kitchen sink please watch this video all the way to the end and follow every single step and if you are looking for a video that shows how to fix low water pressure in bathroom sink then don’t worry because the steps are all the same, Low water pressure in bathroom sink always related to faucet cartridge, shut off valves or the supply hose feeding the tap,if you have low water pressure in bathroom sink which are not aerator related most likely are because of the cartridge or the shut off valve and you can easily troubleshoot it by watching my video. in this specific video I’m showing how perform kitchen faucet low water pressure fix step by step and the way that a plumber does and even if you are looking for video to show how to fix moen kitchen faucet low water pressure then i should let you know that the brand of this specific kitchen faucet is in fact Moen. How to fix low water pressure for kitchen or bathroom faucet is exactly the same method for Kitchen tap no water fix or even kitchen tap no hot water/kitchen tap no cold water issues and they all have the same troubleshooting instruction. just follow my instruction and you should be able to find the problem. in the future i will post more videos on how to deal with each part individually.

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