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How to Repair A Kitchen Sink Mixer & Dripping Tap

In today’s video I will be showing you how I repaired my 8 year old kitchen tap mixer and dripping tap.

– Ionian Two Hole Sink Mixer with Porcelain Lever Handles from Perrin & Rowe, £389.99
– 2000 Grit wet and dry sand paper
– wire wool
– adjustable spanner
– Leatherman SURGE Multi Tool – the one tool I cannot be without!
– Multisolve from CT1
– Limescale remover spray
– Plumbers silicone grease £4.25 for 1/2 oz/14g

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I have a Perrin & Rowe 4193 Ionian two hole sink mixer with porcelain lever handles that I bought 8 years ago when we fitted our kitchen. Recently the central mixer seized up and started emitting black gunk, and leaking water onto the counter top. The cold water tap also started dripping.

So I contacted Perrin & Rowe and set about repairing the tap, with the repair kit that they sent out to me, and here’s the video!

This video is obviously all about the Perrin & Rowe mixer, but the same principles apply to whatever mixer you have. Contact the manufacturer. Find out what replacement washers/ parts you need to replace it. Buy the parts either direct from the manufacturer as I did, or get them online. And then carry out the repair. It’s that easy!!

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