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How to Replace a Leaking Kitchen Faucet Cartridge

If you notice your kitchen faucet is dripping near the handle, you may need to replace the cartridge. Follow along with our video for how to replace a leaking kitchen cartridge.

Tools Required:
Hex Wrench (3/32″)
Flat head screwdriver

1) Turn off water
2) Remove index button o handle base
3) Remove set screw with hex wrench (3/32″)
4) Remove handle
5) Unthread cartridge cover by turning counter-clockwise
6) Unthread 3 cartridge screws with flat head screwdriver
7) Remove cartridge and check seals at bottom for damage or debris
8) Check sealing surface within faucet body for damage or debris
9) Thread cartridge screws
10) Thread cartridge cover
11) Reattach handle
12) Thread set screw
13) Reattach index button

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