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How to Replace the Hose on a Pull-Down Faucet

Replace an American Standard Faucet Spray Head in 12 Simple Steps

1. Remove hose weight by loosening screws
2. Set weight and screws aside, do not discard
3. Detach mixing hose by siding sleeve upward and pulling down on hose connection
4. Pull hose from spray head through faucet body to remove completely
5. Unscrew spray head from hose and set aside
6. Turn faucet so you can see spout fixation hole
7. Push pin using screw driver to release faucet, then pull up to remove it
8. Feed hose through spout and then faucet body
9. Attach spray head by turning clockwise
10. Attach mixing connection by pushing in fitting
11. Slide sleeve over connection point
12. Install hose weight between marked tabs on hose

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