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Pull Down Kitchen Faucets vs. Pull Out and Wall Mount Faucets – 2021 Buying Guide

Pull Down Kitchen Faucets are the most popular type of kitchen faucets used in households and the commercial world. The reason for this is their durability and attractive looking design.

When you’re working on your kitchen, you want the place to look elegant and classy. A kitchen gets more visitors than any other room in a house. Plus, it is also a place that the resident would visit quite frequently.

And let’s be honest, kitchen work isn’t that too exciting on its own. You’d be there mostly dishwashing and if such a boring task isn’t done in a welcoming environment, you’re surely gonna have too many dirty plates on the sink.

But -worry not! Pull Down Kitchen Faucets do everything for you. They make the kitchen look fancy, they make dishwashing fun, and are extremely durable.

However, with so many options to choose from, you might get confused between so many types of new kitchen faucets. Over time, more and more designs are launched and more and more improvements are made to faucets in the world.

Yet, we think Pull Down Kitchen Faucets still win the race against other types. Why? Oh, have I got a long answer for you…

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Pull Down Kitchen Faucets vs. Pull Out and Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets

The main top-selling kitchen faucets currently in the market with pull down kitchen faucets are pull out kitchen faucets and wall mount kitchen faucets.

From an unbiased perspective, each type of faucet obviously has its own pros and cons. There may be scenarios where a pull out kitchen faucet suits you better than a pull down. However, pull down kitchen faucets generally are always the better-preferred type of kitchen faucet.

Compared with Pull Out Kitchen Faucets and Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets, a Pull Down Faucet has the following pros and cons:

The Main Differences

Pull Down Kitchen Faucets have a long neck in an arch shape. It stems from the sink, making a long upside-down U shape and ending with the face directly above the sink drain. This ensures a straight stream of water.

Pull Out Kitchen Faucets have a short neck that stems from the sink and erects straight up as a diagonal. It usually doesn’t feature a straight 90-degree stream down the sink.

Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets have a main distinguishing feature that is that the neck is separate from the sink. Wall mount faucets are installed in the wall above a sink with its handles beside them.


  • All three kitchen faucets feature options for multiple sprayers
  • All three faucets feature options for a detachable sprayer
  • All three faucets have modern technological designs available such as smart touch or touchless faucets
  • Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets usually feature a pull down type faucet

Pros of Choosing Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

  • Pull Down Kitchen Faucets are known to be the most durable among the three options.
  • Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets include expensive plumbing costs.
  • Technological improvements fit Pull Down Kitchen Faucets the best as they have bigger spaces for sensors to accurately read from.
  • Pull Down Kitchen Faucets easily fit into a kitchen theme and make it stand out!
  • Amongst the three, Pull Down Kitchen Faucets have the least water flashback.
  • Pull Down Kitchen Faucets are easier to maintain and repair.
  • A steady flow of water is provided only with a Pull Down Kitchen Faucet.
  • Even with new shapes offered with Wall Mount, Pull Down Kitchen Faucet shape looks the sleekest and attractive.

Cons of Choosing Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

  • In small kitchens, pull out faucets offer more compactness due to their small size.
  • Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets offer more hand space for users due to being detached from the sink.
  • A Pull Down Kitchen Faucet may have a lighter water flow than pull out kitchen faucets, however at the benefit of less splashback.

3 Reasons You Should Get Pull Down Kitchen Faucets NOW!

  1. A new look: With a new kitchen faucet, your kitchen will surely be more eye-catching. Pull Down Kitchen Faucets stand out the most in a kitchen. An attractive change will surely be loved by your family and guests.
  2. Better utility: If you’re still using a pull out kitchen faucet, chances are it is not as useful as a modern kitchen faucet may be. New Pull Down Kitchen Faucets feature options such as sprayers, touchless technology, 360-degree rotation etc. With such an addition, even dishwashing would sound fun!
  3. A reliable investment: Using an old kitchen faucet, you are prone to face a plumbing issue very soon. Old faucets tend to cause many problems relating to air and water flow. If you’re unfortunate enough and are faced with a plumbing requirement, get ready to pay a heavy bill and stop all operations for days.

Pull Down Kitchen Faucets have cheap repair options, extremely low maintenance, and also have affordable faucet prices.

Upgrading to a new Pull Down Kitchen Faucet will ensure you are adapted with a durable kitchen faucet. This will keep the workflow running smoothly and is prone to no issues for many many years to come.

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The Top Seller Pull Down Kitchen Faucets of 2021

Pull Down Kitchen Faucets are the top seller type of kitchen faucets. Within them, we have picked out the 3 best Pull Down Kitchen Faucets which will surely catch your eye!

  1. LED Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, WOTOKOL

Colourful, Durable, and Fun!

The Kitchen Faucet with LED Pull Down Sprayer comes from WOTOKOL with a Black Brass Finish and 3 innovative colour modes.

Flow types are Stream and Red, Green, and Blue Spray.

The LED attached to the sprays radiates a modern and useful effect, especially at night time. Each colour indicates a different water temperature.

With all these features, the top-selling point still stands out to be the top quality braided hose. This keeps the faucet durable and enables 360-degree rotation.

  1.  Motion Sensor Automatic Kitchen Faucet, Soosi

Simply Innovative.

The motion sensor pull down kitchen faucet features the newest touchless technology. A matte black brass finish from Soosi that peaks in innovation yet pulls off an elegantly simple look.

The faucet supports 360-degree rotation and with CUPC certified motion sensor accuracy is always achieved.

The touchless technology ensures no wastage of water and sanitation of the sink.

  1. Starck High Arc Kitchen Faucet, Hansgrohe

Premium and Sleek.

Hansgrohe is known for launching world-class products and Starck High Arc is the perfect example for it.

The design looks extremely minimalistic, yet the pull down kitchen faucet offers it all.

Beauty in the kitchen, the stainless steel brass faucet is perfect for cleanly furnished kitchens which could add to their elegance with a shiny, royal, and luxurious faucet.

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FAQs relating to Pull Down Kitchen Faucets

Are Touchless Pull Down Kitchen Faucets Worth It?

If proper sanitation and on-demand water is a need for you, they are surely worth it. It gives the user cleaner and organized access. If you could take it or leave it, spending more for a touchless pull down may not feel as worthwhile to you.

Do Pull Down Kitchen Faucets Break Easily?

The main structure of a good pull down faucet is sturdy enough to withstand a good amount of pressure without getting any damage.

However, add-ons, such as pull down sprays, are comparatively fragile and should be used with care to avoid any damage.

How Long Should Pull Down Kitchen Faucets Last?

A good kitchen faucet can last around 15-20 years.

Do Touch Pull Down Kitchen Faucets Require Electricity?

Touchless and touch faucets do require some electric power to run motion sensors. This could either be sourced by batteries or a low voltage current diverted from the house wiring.